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INTEGRA is a platform that enables clients to gain access to a broad range of professional services including Wealth Management, Law, Tax, Accountancy, and property advice through the INTEGRA platform which presents a joined up integrated way of providing service.

All of the Partner firms are independent of one another but share the same philosophy that the best service is frequently obtained through professionals having a joined up approach to solving client issues. Many of the fundamental issues are common. How to increase business profitability or performance? How to take control of personal goals or targets? How to access better or previously unknown experiences?

INTEGRA aims to bring you a 'one stop shop' for the solutions to all of your key objectives. Be it Tax planning, specialist legal advice, or strategic retirement planning, we believe that it is more efficient and with better outcomes to obtain advice through an Integrated approach.

The INTEGRA Magazine is our shop window. Through support from our partners, associates, sponsors and article writers, INTEGRA brings together a community which is there for our readers to become a part of.

Not only is INTEGRA there to offer you the best professional support; but our clients gain access to some of the best brands and services available, be it luxury cars, yachts, homes, experiences, events or exclusive access to travel. Published twice a year – INTEGRA Magazine includes partner case studies and featured articles that are a great read about our fantastic supporting brands which have been handpicked to whet the appetite for a great experience.